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I'm Lizzie, mother to a one year old little girl, Aubriella. & this is my photography! I started in 2010 & absolutely love it. watch my photography improve :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

my passion; photography!

Before i had my daughter i was a model for a couple of years. Worked with different photographers & got a feel of what they aimed for.. & i always wondered what it was like to be in the other side.. i had so many ideas & i absolutely loved photography!
After having my daughter, i was never satisfied after taking her to the photo studios & it wasn't cheap. I took so many pictures of her with my point and shoot camera, so many people commented on them & suggest i look into photography more. Well, needless to say i purchased my first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel XS.. although not the best, i wanted to use this one to learn. 
I've had it for a couple of months now.. i try my best to learn as much as possible by surfing the internet & joining forums. However, its not enough. I decided to go back to school.. not sure if i want to actually pursue a degree in photography, but i will take many classes on photography & photoshop to learn.
I've had people interested in shoots, but i hope to one day be experienced enough to feel confident & consider myself a professional photographer.
For now, here i am in my way to learning more & watch my photography grow!

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  1. Your photography is really good for the short amount of time you've been doing it! Good luck! :)